Frog Con 2021 Origami Cubes

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Build your own 3D logo with these origami cube templates! After you check this product out in your cart you'll have access to a file with all the templates in it. 

  • Origami level: intermediate
  • Time to build: About 1 hr (5.5 min per block if you get the hang of if)
  • Includes: 8 template sheets, one for each block, for 8.6x11 inch paper

Instructions can be found here. You'll need to cut the squares out of the sheets of paper after you print them. Try to cut on the lines as close as possible! It'll make your like easier later. 

Some Tips!

  1. This origami can be fairly challenging at first! Make sure when you make the creases that you follow the video as closely as possible so the cube is easier to fold at the end. 
  2. When making the first edge-to-center fold (timestamp: 1:00), fold in the edge with a letter on it. This will ensure that the letters are visible at the end. 
  3. When folding the cube together at the end (8:53), tuck in the thin flap (below the thick flap) first, then tuck in the thick flap. The end result will the cleaner than if you tuck the thick flap in first. 

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