What: Frog Con 2022
Where: Online, on this website
October 14-23
Why: frogs!


Frog Con is an online convention dedicated to our silly little friends, frogs! After a hugely successful event in 2021, Frog Con is excited to return for our second year this October 14-23, to welcome froggy lovers back for over a week of fun, learning, and community building – all while saving frogs!

Just some of the cool things we plan to offer this year include:

  • An Artist Alley of over 100 froggy artists (click here to preview last year's)
  • Various Panels and Events including educational sessions, live froggy cams, game nights, special interviews with froggy artists, and more!
  • A customizable froggy icon maker (see last year's here
  • Limited edition Frog Con 2022 merch to match this year's theme
  • A froggy raffle of some sort with profits going straight to charity (last year we used frog gummies!)

Frog Con is hosted by Frog Cult

Frog Cult is a proud community of frog lovers and we host Frog Con annually. We aim to provide a safe and fun place for frog lovers get together, to promote froggy artists, and help educate others about frogs.

What Frog Con 2021 accomplished

800+ attendees

We welcomed over 800 attendees in our Frog Con 2021 Discord server where frog-lovers could connect with each other, talk about frogs and make friends!

100+ froggy artists

We hosted over 100 froggy artists in our Artist Alley and were able to help many of them gain traction and sales during the convention.

$4000+ CAD raised for froggy charity

Due to the wonderful support from froggy-lovers through merchandise and raffle ticket sales, we were able to raise an astounding 4045.34 CAD for Froglife, our chosen charity for the year!

Meet the Exec Artists

The Frog Con Exec Team is a diverse team of a frog-loving artists who are working hard to help make this con happen! Please consider supporting us so that we can continue to make more awesome Frog Cons in the future :)


ila is a frog-loving designer who enjoys putting smiles on people's faces with her silly merch. She is the founder of Frog Cult and Frog Con!

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Mathi is a frog enthusiast who also happens to be an illustrator and maker of goods. They like to create and bring joy to those around them through their work.

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Becca is an illustrator and froggy lover and bug enthusiast. They enjoy drawing things that are cute and have an attachment to pink and green colour pallets. 

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Lucie is an artist who loves to draw and paint all kinds of animals. Frogs are, obviously, the favorite.

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Calico Cocoa

Calico is a merch designer that enjoys taking cat naps with her cat. She also enjoys drawing and illustrating cute critters around the world, like frogs.

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hi I’m peanut! I create cute art to bring happiness to your home! I love frogs and seeing as you are here you do too! Hope you enjoy frog con!!


Hi there! I'm Ren, one of the team members of this year's Frog Con. It's been a pleasure being part of this event and watching everyone's work come to life. I hope everyone has an amazing time!

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Hello, I’m Laura - the creator behind Frog Tree. My artwork is my way of celebrating my love for frogs and herpetofauna alike. I’m so grateful to share it with such a lovely community!