The froggy convention that gives back to frogs!

Frog Con is an online convention dedicated to our silly little friends, frogs! After a hugely successful event in 2021, Frog Con is excited to return for our second year this October 14-23, to welcome froggy lovers back for over a week of fun, learning, and community building – all while saving frogs!

All profits will go towards supporting our froggy artists, and donated to a frog-related charity so that we can save more frogs in the wild.

What Frog Con 2021 accomplished

800+ attendees

We welcomed over 800 attendees in our Frog Con 2021 Discord server where frog-lovers could connect with each other, talk about frogs and make friends!

100+ froggy artists

We hosted over 100 froggy artists in our Artist Alley and were able to help many of them gain traction and sales during the convention.

$4000+ CAD raised for froggy charity

Due to the wonderful support from froggy-lovers through merchandise and raffle ticket sales, we were able to raise an astounding 4045.34 CAD for Froglife, our chosen charity for the year!

How can I participate?

Frog Con 2022 would love to welcome more participants and contributors to help us make this year's event even better!

If you're looking to ways to help out Frog Con check out the link below to find out more.

What can I do at Frog Con?

Here are some of the awesome things we are planning for Frog Con 2022!

Froggy Artist Alley

Discover over 100 froggy artists in a completely virtual Artist Alley. From enamel pins to apparel, and even handmade figurines, there is sure to be something froggy for everyone!

Froggy icon maker

Customize your own cottagecore froggy icon to use as a profile picture or just share with your friends! Check out the Frog Con 2021 froggy icon maker to see what we had last year.

Froggy Games

Check out and play some of the awesome froggy games out there! We will have a list for you to peruse and links to support the creators.

Educational and fun panels

Have fun and learn about frogs by watching panels!

Exclusive froggy merch

Support froggy artists and charity by buying limited edition Frog Con 2022 merch, and raffle tickets for prizes!

Live froggy cams

Watch and meet frogs and their human owners in real time! These unpredictable and silly creatures are sure to be entertaining. (One even peed on a bed last year).