Thank you for attending Frog Con 2021!

Welcome to Frog Con 2021! Frog Con is the first and only (that we are aware of) online convention completely dedicated to our silly little friends, frogs! From October 23 - 31, 2021, Frog Con helped bring the froggy community together for a week of fun, learning, and community building.

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Frogs and other amphibians are declining at an alarming rate.

Habitat destruction, introduced species, and disease are just a few reasons why frogs are in danger. You can help out by purchasing official Frog Con 2021 merch and donating!

Frog Con 2021 is proudly supporting Froglife

We're very excited to be officially fundraising for Froglife this year! All profits from Frog Gummy Donation Tickets and merchandise sales will go towards supporting real frogs and froggy artists.

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Introducing our Featured Artists!

50% of all profits from their merchandise will go straight to them, and the other 50% to froggy charities.

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Frog Con 2021 Animal Crossing island! (unfinished)

Can you make it to the froggy party? You'll have to solve a puzzle to get there! The island is unfinished but we hope you still have fun anyways!


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