The froggy convention that gives back to frogs!

Frog Con is an online convention dedicated to our wonderful little friends, frogs! After a hugely successful event in 2021, Frog Con is excited to return for our second year this October 14-23, to welcome froggy lovers back for over a week of fun, learning, and community building – all while saving frogs!

All profits will go towards supporting our froggy artists, and to Amphibian Survival Alliance so that we can help save more frogs in the wild.

Amphibian Survival Alliance

We are very excited to partner with Amphibian Survival Alliance this year! ASA is the world's largest collaborative effort to conserve amphibians – promoting cooperation in research, education and conservation amongst their network of 70+ international organizations.

We need feedback!

Did you participate in Frog Con 2022? Please help us make next year's Frog Con even better by giving us feedback!

Official Frog Con 2022 merch

Create a custom frog!

Our wonderful exec Mathi made this special froggy customizer to celebrate Frog Con 2022! Feel free to use it for your social media profiles!

Meet our Featured Artists!

By buying Featured Artist merch at Frog Con 2022, you can support both the artists and wild frogs at the same time!

Featured Artist Merch

Froggy games galore

Check out the Games page to see some cool froggy games! We also have a Frog Con 2022 special game featuring illustrations and photos from the Frog Cult community.

Frog Con 2022 is supported by Odd Pieces

Frog Con received a generous grant from Odd Pieces this year! Please check them out and use the Frog Con special code ILOVEFROGS for 25% off.

"One of Odd Pieces’ mission is to support undiscovered artists. We know that the road to pursuing art isn’t always easy. The most precious thing is seeing someone’s eye light up when they speak about their vision. We saw that in ila’s eyes! We believe that Frog Con is truly unique and special. I am inspired by ila’s dedication." – Odd Pieces Founder