The online froggy convention that gives back to frogs!

Frog Con is an online convention dedicated to our wonderful little friends, frogs! We are excited to return for our third year this October 13-23, 2023, to welcome back froggy lovers for over a week of fun, learning, and community building – all while saving frogs!

All profits will go towards supporting our froggy artists, and to Amphibian Survival Alliance so that we can help save more frogs in the wild.

Frog Con 2022's impact

1500+ attendees

We welcomed over 1500 attendees in the Frog Con 2022 Discord server where frog-lovers could connect with each other, talk about frogs and make friends!

120+ froggy artists

In 2022, we hosted over 120 froggy artists and game devs from around the world in our Artist Alley!

$5000+ CAD raised

Thanks to the support from froggy-lovers, we raised over $5000 CAD from Frog Con 2022 for frog conservation and awareness through Amphibian Survival Alliance, and over $9000 CAD since 2021.

Meet our Featured Artists!

Here are the special froggy artists we are featuring this year!

By buying Featured Artist merch at Frog Con, you can support both the artists and frog conservation at the same time.

What can I do at Frog Con?

International Artist Alley

Discover over 120 froggy artists in a completely virtual Artist Alley. There is something froggy for everyone!

Customizer a froggy icon

Customize your own froggy icon to use as a profile picture or just share with your friends!

Watch & play froggy games

Check out and play some awesome froggy games! We will stream live Let's Plays and have links to browse.

Educational and fun panels

Have fun and learn about frogs by watching panels! Featuring hosts from ASA, academics, and the community.

Exclusive froggy merch

Support froggy artists and charity by buying limited edition Frog Con merch, and raffle tickets for prizes!

Live froggy cam sessions

Watch and meet frogs and their human owners in real time! These unpredictable creatures are sure to be entertaining.

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