Froggy Universe Megabundle (all Frog Con 2023 merch!)

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This megabundle contains all the Frog Con 2023 merch, including both Official and Featured Artist designs!

Featured Artist merch

  • Intergalactic Meep pin by PeachieKei
  • Intergalactic Meep sticker by PeachieKei
  • Sunny Froggie fuzzy patch by PeachiKei
  • Starry frog pin by BubblesArtCraft
  • Starry frog sticker by BubblesArtCraft
  • Frog on the Moon acrylic charm by BubblesArtCraft
  • You’re a Star! Milk frog enamel pin by Derptiles
  • You’re a Star! Milk frog sticker by Derptiles
  • The Final Frogtier embroidered keychain & acrylic charm by Derptiles
  • Pacman UFO pin by Tibby Bean
  • Pacman UFO sticker by Tibby Bean
  • Froggonaut on a Fish sticker by Tibby Bean
  • Spacing Out sticker by Tibby Bean
  • JIM T. FLURP pin by MidsArtBox
  • JIM T. FLURP sticker by MidsArtBox
  • Star Frogs comic & bookmark by MidsArtBox

Official merch

  • Froggy Rocket shaker charm by AcceberArt 
  • Froggy Moon pin banner by AcceberArt
  • Frog Con 2023 logo pin (normal)
  • Frog Con 2023 logo pin (rainbow)
  • Frog Con 2023 holographic tote bag
  • Frog Con 2023 icon sticker sheet by MidsArtBox
  • Space Frogs! sticker sheet by PeanutButterPigs
  • Frog Con 2023 ID pass & lanyard by infinileaf
  • Frog Con 2023 holographic logo sticker
  • Frog Con 2023 rainbow logo acrylic charm
  • Frog Con 2023 embroidered patch
50% of profits will go to the artists who contributed to the designs, and the other 50% to Amphibian Survival Alliance to help save frogs in the wild.

As a portion of profits are donated, all sales are final. We will not be be able to cancel your order or provide refunds.

These images are only mockups and will not completely represent the final product. Orders close on Oct 23.

Most Frog Con items are on pre-order. This means that the products will be made after the convention is over, which allows us to only make what we need.

Production + shipping to our fulfilment centre can take several months, and we do not anticipate being able to ship any items out until at least February 2024.

From the time we have shipped your item, shipping times are estimated to be as follows:

  • Canada: 1-2 weeks
  • USA: 2-3 weeks
  • International: 1-3 months