Frog Con 2022 orders: status update

Hello everyone! 

We've been receiving an increase in the number of customers who are concerned about their orders and may have not read the disclaimers on the website, so we're setting up a new blog here where we can give you occasional updates.

Most merch is still under production, and we are not anticipating on shipping out any Frog Con 2022 orders until 2023 (perhaps in February). Excluding the Frog Con 2021 merch from last year, all merch from Frog Con 2022 was on pre-order, which means that we started production after Frog Con ended. We still need to wait for the merch to be produced and shipped to us before we can ship to you. Your patience is very appreciated! 

Unfortunately we are unable to send emails to everyone directly regarding order updates, since we have surpassed the amount of contacts allowed for a free plan on our email service (Mailchimp). (We cannot send emails via Shopify either since we have our plan paused for most of the year. If you have any better suggestions for email please let us know!) 

Thank you for supporting frogs! Once all the orders are shipped out we will be able to calculate how much we can donate to Amphibian Survival Alliance. 

Happy early holidays and please take care! In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions and we will see you in the new year :)

Frog Cult founder

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